Cisco Master Purchase Agreement

4.5 At the expiry or end of these order terms, Cisco will immediately return or destroy the confidential information held by Cisco and pay the supplier`s invoices for the delivery services and components provided until the termination comes into effect. At the expiry or expiry of these order terms, the supplier: 5.4 The supplier must make reasonable efforts to support Cisco`s obligation to report, including reports requested by Cisco: (a) the diversity of supplier employees who provide delivery components and services to Cisco under this agreement; and (b) supplier spending on different suppliers. Cisco`s business development program is described as: Where a court finds that a provision of these order conditions is unlawful, invalid or unenforceable, the parties want the court to analyze these order conditions as follows: These order terms contain the order it contains by reference (the «order») between the Cisco subsidiary and the subsidiary of the supplier identified in the order («Cisco» or «supplier»). These order conditions include all appendices or attachments physically to the order or that are expressly incorporated into the order (e.B. work statement, appendix or parts, the «SOW»). If Cisco and the supplier are contracting parties to an existing framework contract and: a) there is no SOW or (b) the SOW provides that the terms of this framework contract govern the rights and obligations of Cisco and supplier of the order or SOW, the terms of that framework contract are replaced by those order terms. Otherwise, these ordering conditions govern Cisco`s purchase and availability of services, products and other supplies, as indicated in the order. The supplier`s acceptance or confirmation, electronically or in writing, of the supplier`s order or start of service is the supplier`s acceptance of these order terms. Cisco limits the acceptance of a supplier`s offer to these order terms, and Cisco refuses additional or divergent conditions in any other communication between the parties. Cisco may revoke the order at any time prior to acceptance by the supplier. 5.1 The supplier must comply with all laws and regulations that apply to the Supplier`s performance of its obligations and responsibilities under these terms of order («applicable law»), including: 5.2.1 the terms of any basic protection contract to which Cisco and the supplier are associated. If the provider has access to Cisco and Cisco data and the provider are not parties to a data protection agreement, the provider must comply with the main data protection agreement as follows:; and 11.4 If the modification or non-compliance with the unenforceable provision made it impossible to implement an essential purpose of these order conditions, all of these order conditions would be unenforceable.