Trade Agreement Microsoft Dynamics

Decimal adjustment of course has a great influence on many other areas in terms of the unit of measures, but this blog is focused on trade convention magazines. 19. From date to date: this is the length of time trade agreements operate. If the dates are empty, this means that they apply to all dates. In this case, there is no permanent restriction: Previous article: Trade agreements (price agreement/discount) in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations – Configuration 16. Unit (unit of measurement): This is either a sales or purchase unit and, after choosing the item, it can be automatically returned from the article details form to the positions of the commercial contract. This unit can be taken out of order before booking a trade agreement. If a trade agreement is established for a particular unit and the same unit is used in the order, the value of this trade agreement is returned when prices or discounts are charged from the order. This «unit» is also used as a parameter for the search for active trade agreements. (See previous Post Trade Agreements (price/discount) in AX – Configuration to find out how active business transactions are searched) – PriceDiscAdmTable (entry to this table when the registration of the trade agreement is established) Discount groups must be set differently for each type of trade agreement. Select an option in the «Show» drop-down field. (This trade agreement is enforced, as long as it is the only agreement for the combinations given.

If several trade agreements are in place for such a combination, the Trade Agreement search engine accepts the corresponding preference and returns the sale price) If online and multi-line discounts are valid for the order, it is used in combination according to the account setting. For more information, check out previous blog trade agreements (price/discount agreement) in AX – Setup. They indicate whether this particular dimension should be taken into account as a factor in the price search for the item to which the size group is attached. Or plainly, if you should be able to set a price based on that particular size. If you activate z.B. «Sale price» for the lot number, it means that you have the option to establish and book a trade agreement for a given lot. If the price search engine works, it will first look for a specific price for that battery, and it is only if it does not find one that it will look for a generic price without a lot number. One thing that Dynamics 365 users/solution analysts have forgotten quite often, is that the decimal configuration on the unit of measurement will have an impact on the trading agreement.