Simple Website Purchase Agreement

Why disagreement and execution? Especially because many people still don`t believe that a profitable website and/or blog is a sustainable (or credible) source of income and there`s still that general stigma or hesitation to tout it historically in agreement with small businesses. To deal with stigma, use it to your advantage! We offer a wide range of guarantees for this type of asset. The guarantees are the commitments of the seller regarding the state of the website at the time of sale. If it turns out that the situation is different, the contract is broken and the buyer can claim damages. They are a way to protect the buyer from problems that cannot be identified before the sale. How does the fax work in this case? Assuming the seller is from the United States and the buyer is from Italy, the seller first faxes the agreement (with its signature, date, etc.) and then the buyer receives it in Italy and signs it there, then sends it back to the seller again? I would like to know if anyone else has any other clauses that someone could ask their lawyer for when preparing a contract for the purchase and sale of domain names. Please post the idea or clause in the comments. I had a sales contract designed by my lawyer in New York, and since domain names are one of his main centers of gravity, he had a standard agreement that was used with a few additions/sub-actions based on my specific needs. I don`t remember the exact price, but I can`t imagine paying more than several hundred dollars.